Pharmacy Joe podcasts

pharmacy joe

Pharmacy Joe is a Critical Care Pharmacist, Preceptor, and Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist who has been practising for over 15 years. He hosts the number one Hospital Pharmacy podcast in iTunes: The Elective RotationPublished every Monday and Thursday at 3am EST, they are designed to be brief and informative. 

There are many podcasts for hospital and community pharmacists, however community pharmacists may find the following episodes particularly useful:

Episode 7: 7 tips on how to stay current with medical literature.

Episode 9: How to talk like a physician and get a physician to listen like a pharmacist.

Episode 12: How to evaluate QTc drug interactions.

Joe is currently creating a course to help other healthcare professionals produce their own podcasts. Check out his blog at and subscribe in iTunesAndroid, or Stitcher so you don’t miss an episode, or follow him on Twitter @PharmacyJoe for excellent CPD material.


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